Announcement of the 2024 General Assembly (via Teams), 10 April 2024

Published by SIPA

Dear SIPA Member,



You are invited to the 2024 SIPA General Assembly, which will be held online on Wednesday 10 April at 14.00h Brussels time (13.00h London time). The meeting will be held as an interactive Teams meeting.


The agenda, the 2023 accounts and the proposed 2024 budget are attached. The approved minutes of the 2023 General Assembly are available for you to download from the SIPA website.


If you are unable to join the meeting, please consider nominating another SIPA member to represent you. Please provide the details of the nomination to me at



The General Assembly will be followed by a short presentation entitled
Water addition to seafood
by Bárbara Teixeira of the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere.


Bárbara Teixeira | LAQV REQUIMTE

Dr Teixeira has been working on water addition to seafood for several years. She gave an excellent talk last year at the World Seafood Congress, with a focus on water addition in octopus. In this session she will present her findings in octopus and other seafood.



Best wishes,

Ivan Bartolo

Agenda SIPA GA 2024
bank account 2023
Annual Report 2023 proposed budget 2024