The Seafood Trade Corridor webinar programme

The Indonesian Food Safety Institute (IFSI) is presenting a series of free webinars on “The Seafood Trade Corridor”. The webinars will cover:

  • The Port of Zeebrugge as a distribution centre (1 July) Register here
  • Standards, best practices, supply chain capability certification for the segmentation of the markets (2 July) (Register here)
  • Integrated traceability systems and systems for trade and export to the European Union (8 July) (Register here)
  • A collective marketing strategy, branding¬† and promotion to boost sales (9 July) (Registration link will appear here)
  • Product development: encouraging marine species farming and value added products (13 July)

Ivan Bartolo and Olivier Hottlet will be giving presentations on the 2nd and 9th of July respectively.

Ivan’s presentation: Practical Implementation of the EU Regulations relating to Seafood Trade and Seafood Safety
All presentations given on 1st and 2nd July 2020 are available here.