UK publishes its import control model and delays import controls by 3 months

Published by SIPA

The UK has published it’s ‘final’ Border Target Operating Model (BTOM). This latest version of the BTOM introduces another delay to post-Brexit border controls on EU goods entering Britain.

The BTOM contains the UK’s plan for introducing a ‘simplified and digitised’ approach to implementing controls, including sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) checks on seafood products. Under the plan, SPS goods will be split into low, medium and high risk categories. The risk category will determine the level of checks and documentation the goods will need to enter Great Britain.

The new timeline announced today (29 August 2023) is as follows:

31 January 2024 – The introduction of health certification of imports of medium risk animal products from the EU
30 April 2024 – New documentary and risk-based identity and physical checks on medium risk animal products from the EU

According to the BTOM, the UK will accept pdf versions of digitally signed export health certificates that are attached to IPAFFS pre-notifications  without the need to send the original paper certificate with the consignment. These certificates will need to be created directly in either TRACES or within an EU/EFTA/EEA Member State’s national SPS export system, where they can be electronically verified against the original certificate.

The Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) is available here.


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