Response from the European Commission on RASFFs relating to chlorate in seafood

Published by SIPA

We have now received a reply to the letter on chlorate that we sent to the European Commission.

In our letter of 28 November 2019 we requested clarification of the legal situation with chlorate in seafood. We have received a reply from the Head of Food and Feed Safety (Pesticides and Biocides). The letter is attached. In the letter it is confirmed that MRLs in pesticide legislation (Regulation (EC) No 396/2005) are not applicable to seafood products. However SIPA members (and associated seafood exporters) should be reminded that the use of hyper-chlorinated water for washing pangasius fillets is forbidden. We have also been informed that “Commission auditors are in copy of this letter”, suggesting that Commission auditors have been reminded of the possible use of hyper-chlorinated water in establishments supplying seafood for the EU market.





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